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PONZO Light - LP & Litho

PONZO Light - LP & Litho

18 EUR

NOTE: the last few items on sale have a small 'bite' out of the border, this will not influence the quality of the sound, is just an esthetically issue, in case you have doubts, please send us an email at: mgmt@janneschra.com and we will be able to send you a picture of the vinyl.

Great news for owners of turntables who happen to love lithographs! 

Ponzo Light is a 10" vinyl with a limited edition signed and numbered 3-color silkscreen lithograph . This will be a one-off pressing - which means this vinyl will be pretty rare (and there will be no CD available).

Ponzo light contains lighter and more psychedelic versions of PONZO and two new songs. Check the single ‘From The Sun’ online now.

Good Now
Everyrthing I Do Ooh Ooh
From The Sun

Memory Steel
Carry On
Filthy Rich

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